Hill Country Memorial Health System

Fredericksburg, Texas

Originating Department: Imaging Services




AFFECTED DEPARTMENTS: Diagnostic, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, U/S


EFFECTED DATE:    08/06/01





I. Days and Hours of Operation


The Imaging Department is open 24-hours per day for X-ray and CT services.  Nuclear Medicine, ultrasound, Mammography and MRI services and available from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday in-house and on-call by means of a pager the remainder of the time


II. Location


The Imaging Center is located on the 1st floor of the Hospital on the West Side of the building.  The MRI Department is located in a freestanding building on the Northwest side of the campus.


III. Role in Patient Care


The Imaging Departments role in Patient Care is to perform all imaging studies in a way that exhibit to the customer that their fundament rights of dignity, respect, cultural, psychological and spiritual needs are our primary concern.  Patients of all ages, Neonates, Pediatrics, Adolescence, Adult and Geriatric are imaged in the department.


IV. Provisions of Service


As an integrated department in the Hill Country Memorial Hospital System it is our department's responsibility to respond to the needs of the system member, customers, and our patients in a timely and efficient manner.  These needs are met through the use and practice of current technology in the field of modern imaging.


V. Customers


As a customer driven service, the Imaging Department's goal is to have a significant impact on our customers' visit to our Hospital.  This is accomplished by identifying and supporting the needs of our customers.  Thus providing a positive experience and response to care.


VI. Department Goals:



VII. Department Organization


See attached chart.


VIII. Imaging Services Staffing


Reporting to the Department Manager the Imaging Department is staffed by a total of 30 employees made up of 18 Technologist, 3 RN's and 9 support staff.


IX. Productivity


Productivity is measured by comparing exams performed to the total hours worked and is reviews on a BI-weekly basis.




Hill Country Memorial Hospital Policy and Procedure for Imaging Services Scope of Service.




Policy/Procedure: Preparation and Maintenance